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Investor Viktor Prokopenya withdraws bid for Sberbank's Ukraine subsidiary

Photo: VP Capital

VP Capital owned by Belarusian IT-businessman Viktor Prokopenya has withdrawn from the National Bank of Ukraine its bid to acuire Ukrainian subsidiary of Russia's biggest bank Sberbank, reports quoting a source in the banking circles. Prokopenya confirmed in an interview with reporters that he withdrew.

Prokopenya also said his company decided to focus on other investement opportunities and projects. "After thorough analysis, we decided that the projects related with artificial intelligence development would be a the best use of our time. Obviously, the acquisition of the unit of an international bank is an unbelievably complicated process that demands a lot of time," Prokopenya said in an interview. "As before, we believe that buying Sberbank's Ukraine business is a great investment opportunity, but we've decided to focus on other projects. He stressed the bid was not rejected; it was his own decision to withdraw. 

Prokopenya also refused to acuire Belarusian bank Paritetbank. "Paritetbank will remain a property of its current owner - the Republic of Belarus," he said.

Prokopenya revealed his Facebook account some details of a project where he invested. Astro Digital launched two satellites into orbit from the launch site in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. According to the businessman, the satellites will transmit daily photo images of the Earth beginning from the first quarter of 2018.