"Investigator told me they could hack anything but iPhone”

"Следчы сказаў, што яны могуць узламаць любы тэлефон акрамя iPhone"

The Yapryntsaus are standing trial in Minsk Central District Court. Father and son Uladzimir and Kazbek Yaprynstau and Alyaksandr Arabyan are accused of fraud.


Kazbek Yaprynstau was interrogated on August 2. His correspondence with Arabyan was demonstrated in court selectively ‘in order to make it look like fraud’, he noted.

"The messages are from What'sApp,” naviny.by quotes Kazbek Yapryntsau. “The messenger was only used for personal correspondence. I think that everyone understands it. There are progarmmes with better security for business correspondence.” The passwords mentioned in the case papers are different from the ones he set on his phones, he added.

"The investigators told me that they could hack any phone but iPhone and some Israeli phone. I had an iPhone,” Kazbek said in court.