Investigation Committee probes another plastic surgery coma case in Minsk


Her relatives learnt that Volha was in the intensive care department a few days later. She was put in coma because of a pulmonary edema, the doctor said. She is still in coma. Sukora’s sister told the story in the programme Open Format on ONT (see the video, 33.20).

Minsk Province Investigation Commentate is checking the fact of “negligence during medical assistance to Volha Sukora”, BELTA reports.

 A group of investigators are checking this fact. Experts will be involved too.

Patient Yuliya Kubarava died after rhinoplasty in Minsk medical centre Ecomedservice. A criminal case was started, six people were detained. Four of them are still in jail. The Ministry of Health is planning to check all Belarusian medical centres by the end of May.