Interior does not confirm new case against Autukhovich


The Interior Ministry of Belarus has not confirmed information about a new criminal case opened against Mikalai Autukhovich, an entrepreneur from Vaukavysk. The press office of the Interior has no such information, reports Belapan.
The Ezhednevnik e-newspaper reported today that the organized crime police task force thwarted a plot whichj aimed at a physical liquidation of Grodno Region governor Uladzimir Sauchanka and deputy minister for taxes and revenues Vasil Kamianko. The plot was allegedly planned for sprin-autumn of 2005, using a grenade launcher and explosives. The group was the alleged terrorists inhcluded several Afghanistan war veterans, including Autukhovich.

Entrepreneur's lawyer Pavel Sapelka has no infrormation about a new case, either. But human rights defender Aleh Vouchakj said that he received information about a new case from a cell-mate who was inside the cell together with Autukhovich and was later released from the pre-trial detention.