Ilya Silchukou fired in Minsk for 'politics' to debut at La Scala

Ilya Silchukou / Euroradio
Ilya Silchukou / Euroradio

One of the most famous Belarusian opera singers, Ilya Silchukou, will perform at the famous La Scala in Milan. At the beginning of June, he will sing in a production of Dvorak's opera Rusalka. According to the website of the theater, the Belarusian will perform the role of the Hunter.

Silchukou also announced his debut at the legendary theater in social feeds. In the comments he clarified that he will also play the role of Vodnik for his absent colleague.

The premiere of the production is scheduled for June 6.

In the fall of 2020, Ilya Silchukou was fired from the Bolshoi Theater in Minsk. One of the reasons was his participation in the video "Culture for a strike". After that the singer went to the USA and performed in American and French theaters.

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