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Hungary counts on Belarusian builders


Construction companies in Hungary count on builders from Belarus and Ukraine so that they can fill the gap at the local labor market due to migration and economic growth, reports quoting Reuters.

Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic face a shortage of workers following their own labor force drain to western Europe. 

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban ruled out a massive program to invite foreign workers but his government has now launched a campaign to attract a limited number of Ukrainians.

According to the Federation of Hungarian Construction Contraxctors, the construction sector shrank 18.8% in 2016 due to the lack of funding in the European Union. However, it may grow 10% and even further in 2018 due to imroved financing and the housing boom.

Hungary's labor market lacks up to 8000 workers, according to the federation. Currently, the sector employs 280 thousand people.

In April 2017, the Hungarian federation will organize a forum for Belarusian companies interested in this cooperation.