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Human remains from Svislac grave for Kalinouski DNA test


Human remains have been found in Viktar Kalinouski’s grave in Svislach, reports. The ecscavations started on July 8. Experts and members of the Investigation Committee are present there. If it turns out that the remains belong to a man, they will undergo a special expertise.

The remains of two dozen participants of the January Uprising (1863-1864) were found in Vilnius earlier, Euroradio reported. The remains of Kastus Kalinouski, national hero of Belarus, could also be among them. Those people were executed by the Russian authorities. Lithuanian experts are 95% sure that the remains of Kaslus Kalinouski have been found. Vilnius has asked Minsk to exhume Kastus’ brother Viktar in order to prove it.

A solemn reburial of the insurgents will be organized in Vilnius in autumn. Most of the executed people originated from Belarus.