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How much will Belarusian sportsmen get for medals of European Games?


Belarusian winners of the European Games will get 10200 roubles (about $5000), reports. Silver medal winners will get 6375 roubles (about $3000) and bronze medal winners – 4080 roubles (about $2000).

Additional rewards will be given for setting a record. Belarusian sportsmen will get 6375 roubles (about $3000) for a world record, 3825 roubles (1900 dollars) for a European record and 370 dollars – for a national record.

Belarusian sportsmen could get much bigger rewards at the other international competitions. For instance, they could get 150 thousand dollars for a gold medal, $75 thousand – for a silver medal and $50 thousand for a bronze medal of Rio 2016.