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House of Representatives forbids MP Kanapatskaya’s press conference

Hanna Kanapatskaya’s photo: Euroradio archives

The House of Representatives has cancelled Hanna Kanapatskaya’s press conference appointed for September 12 at the last moment.

The press conference “Right-of-centre alternative for decree #3’ was supposed to be held at the press centre of the House of Representatives. It was cancelled on the evening of September 11. 

The organizers have moved the conference to Manatstyrski Hotel. Besides Kanapatskaya, leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka, head of the movement For Freedom Yuras Hubarevich, head of the steering committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democratic Party Vital Rymasheuski and head of the work group “Right-of-centre alternative to decree #3” Yaraslau Ramanchuk will take part in the event.

The cancellation of the press conference is ‘low farce’, Lyabedzka wrote in social networks. The event has been cancelled because the opposition wants to present an alternative to the notorious ‘freeloaders’ tax’, he believes.