Hotels become twice expensive for Belarusians

Belarusians have started paying the same price for hotel rooms as foreigners do. However, administrators assured ERB that the number of guests had not decreased.
The chief administrator of the hotel “Sputnik” told ERB that prices changed in all Minsk hotels except for “Tourist” and “Kastrychnitskaya”. Prices have doubled. For example, a hotel room used to cost 37 thousands for Belarusians and 79 thousands for Russians. Now the room will cost them 79 thousands. ERB asked why it was necessary to introduce the equal tariff.

Chief administrator: According to the interstate agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the demand to make equal tariffs for Russian and Belarusian citizens has existed for a long time. All the prices have been approved by Minsk City Executive Committee.

The cheapest rooms are in “Sputnik” because the hotel does not have any stars. For example, you would have to pay 142 thousands for the same kind of room in “Planeta”. Different tariffs are established in different hotels.

Chief administrator: We have different tariffs for foreigners and for Belarusian citizens and Russians. For example, there is a single tariff for everyone in “Planeta” – foreigners, Russians and Belarusians pay the same price. The same can be said about “Orbita” and “Yubileinaya”.

The tariff for foreigners is only 2 euro more in “Sputnik” so they are going to introduce a single tariff for everyone soon. According to the administrator, the change in prices has not scared our people so there is not a single vacant room in the hotel at the moment.

“Orbita” informed ERB that it would be easier for them to use the single tariff and that there was nothing scary in the fact that prices had doubled.

Administrator of “Orbita”: Belarusians used to pay for the room and paid 50% on the first day for having booked it. Now they do not pay for it.

The room used to cost 84 thousands. By the way, the most expensive presidential luxury suite costs 800 euro. A single tariff for Belarusian and Russian citizens was introduced in the hotel “Belarus” on January 8. The cheapest room costs 120 thousands for them while foreigners have to pay 47 euro.

The introduction of a single tariff concerns only the capital. For example, prices in Mazyr “Minieuro Hotel” for foreigners are the same as for Belarusians writ triple.  A Belarusian pays 44 thousand 800 roubles while a foreigner – 107 thousands. A representative of the Swiss Embassy did not like the difference in prices and left a remark in the complaint book. The administration was worried at first but they calmed down after they had found out that he had left such remarks in every Belarusian hotel.