Health Ministry bans price increase for medical drugs


The Ministry of Health has demanded that commercial enterprises  not raise the prices of medicines and medical products, BelaPAN reports with reference to the agency announcement. The terms of this requirement is not specified.

This decision was taken "to fulfill orders of the head of state and government, following the Presidential Decree of 5 December, 2014".

The Health Ministry also notes that "in the case of legislation violations regarding pharmaceuticals, as well as pricing and overpricing, the ministry will apply the most stringent measures up to closure of retail properties".

Earlier, the Ministry of Commerce announced a moratorium on the rise in prices for the traders and manufacturers until January 15, 2015. On 9 December, it ordered branch ministries and concerns, as well as regional executive committees and Minsk City Executive Committee to declare a moratorium until January 15 on the increase in selling and retail prices for consumer goods during the holidays. It was recommended to fix the current prices.