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Babruisk club Patriot's head Mikhalkou is released


Head of Babruiskclub Patriot Mikalai Mikhalkou has been released, the human rights website Viasna reports.


Mikalai Mihalkou and his son Yan were detained for the notorious patriots’ case. Both of them were accused of preparation for mass riots. They were let off on April 29.

According to Viasna, Mihalkou the elder was the last person involved in the case who was accused of preparation for mass riots. He was not charged with the creation of  an illegal armed unit.  

Mikalai Mihalkou was detained on March 24. He was jailed in KGB detention centre and was transferred to detention centre #1 later.

17 people involved in the so-called ‘patriots’ case’ are still in jail. 16 people are thought to be connected with former organization White Legion and the 17th person is activist of the organization committee of the Social-Democratic Party People’s Hramada Syarhei Kuntsevich.