French equipment spotted on Russian fighter jets bought by Belarus

SU-30SM bought from Russia /​
SU-30SM bought from Russia /​

The SU-30SM fighter jets, which Belarus bought from Russia, are equipped with French gear, writes with reference to the Information Navigator.

According to Euroradio, the first two Russian planes landed in Baranavichy on November 13. In total, Belarus agreed to buy 12 such fighters from Russia, and the first four are to be delivered this year.

Experts drew attention to the photos of the first pair of Russian planes. On the windshield of the fighters, they noticed French indicators Thales HUD 3022 manufactured by Thale. According to experts, the Su-30SM delivered to Baranavichy is also equipped with French uniaxial laser gyroscopes and multifunctional full-color liquid crystal displays.

Information Navigator claims that Russia could not create this gear due to "technological backwardness."

The Economic Times reported in November that India refused to buy Russian SU-30SM. Instead, the country buys French Rafale fighters of the fourth generation, as they are of better quality.