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'Free Theater' presents new play in Minsk

'Fraction of Rain' play by Miklai Kuprych

Every premiere of the 'Free Theater' is a new story about us, life or society.

It can be a strong social and topical piece or a sad parody of our life. It can be an immersive absurdist play, where the viewer is attached to the process itself, made one of the actors and constantly interacted with.

Every time the results of this expectation are surprising. And so it happened this time with the new play "The Fraction of Rain".

When you hear the title, you immediately try to imagine possible stories in your head. The mind draws images of sad modernity, human loneliness, despair, silence. But everything changes as soon as all the spectators take their places in the improvised theater hall. At this point, the game begins. The spectators are the most active participants of what happens on the stage.

The production is one big conspiracy. Water is everywhere both in physical and metaphorical sense. The actor skillfully pours water. The audience listens cautiously to the sounds of water, which form an unusual melody and then drown, but not only in the shower of meanings.

Meanings make you think. Not necessarily out loud, it is enough to do it to yourself. When was the last time you looked at the sky and watched the sun, which goes beyond the horizon? Have you never had a beautiful loneliness, complete freedom and understanding of your life?

Think about it. You may receive answers after visiting the performance. Just remember that sitting in the front row you can wet your feet, literally.