Former Kyrgyz president Bakiyev has no plans to return to Kyrgyzstan

Kurmanbek Bakiyev has given a large interview to Interfax-West.

He says that after the overthrow of the legitimate government, committed by the present authorities of Kyrgyzstan, his return to the country is out of the question. He has also said he was not going to come back to power, not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also in other countries.

"As for the issue of my extradition, the government of the Republic of Belarus made it clear: Mr. Bakiyev is a citizen of Belarus since 2010 and could not be a subject for extradition under the law," - the former President has said.


Bakiyev has explained the Kyrgyz authorities' requests for his extradition by the desire "to distract people from the real problems."

The former head of Kyrgyzstan also commented on the speculation that he could be threatened with blood revenge. According to him, "the blood of all those who died in April 2010 is the sole responsibility of those who brought these people to the Government House, who gave guns to them. This burden lies on the conscience of the current leaders of the country:  Atambayev, Atumbayeva, Tekenbayev, Beknazarov and others..."

Photo - Reuters