Floods in Central Europe (photo)


4 people have died and 8 are missing due to floods in Central Europe. Prague has been affected most: rescuers and solders are building dikes on the Vltava and the metro has been closed.

An inhabitant of Prague was the first victim, ITAR-TASS reports. Three rescuers are missing.

The water level is expected to reach 11 metres in Passau, Bavaria. It has been raining for several days and Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have been affected most – 2 people are missing there.

The extreme weather conditions have hindered the work of German railways. There is no information about cancelled trains.

The 2-montsh norm of precipitation has been registered in Austria in only a few days. One person died and 2 are missing. Several hundred people have been evacuated in the north and west of the country. Vienna is getting ready for the flood.

Prague, the Czech Republic:


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