FEMEN's Ina Shevchenko gets asylum in France

According to the movement's official website, 23-year-old Ina Shevchenko was scared of the harassment she might face in Ukraine for a series of notorious action and secretly escaped abroad: first to Poland, then - to France. Ina Shevchenko has already opened the "International Training Camp for FEMEN Sextremists Preparation" in the center of Paris.

Ina Shevchenko participated in the famous action near the KGB office in Minsk on December 19, 2011 (photo by Euroradio, Ina - first to the left). The activists with fake moustache undressed and unfolded the posters. They were not detained then. Later it became known that unknown men kidnapped the activists, brutalized them and then left in the woods near the Ukrainian border.