Famous businessman's son robbed in Minsk

Shakutsin Sr. is No 2 on the Top 200 most powerful and successful businessmen in Belarus. The 28-year-old son of the businessman is CEO at Spamash Group, the dealer of road construction and special equipments and spares in Belarus and Russia.

According to Ezhednevnik, the robbery took place as far back as on September 19. But the news have broken only now that thmanaged to arrest the gangsters.

At 0900 two unknown men rang the door bell at Alexander Shakutsin's apartment in Kuzma Chorny street in Minsk and said they were community housing workers. When they entered the apartment, one of the attackers pulled a pistol. At gunpoint, they tied everyone present and took $7000, 800 Indian ruppies and jewelry. They ran away in a car that was standing by near the house. The disposed of their overall in a forest; some clothes were dumped in a waste container in a village near Minsk.

The police say the suspects are three 23-year-old men, two of them unemployed. They face up to 15 years in prison and confiscation of property, if convicted.

Photo: dailynews.kz