Fake gynecologist wanted by police in Pinsk

The police authorities in Pinsk are searchin for a man, who presented himself as a gynecology doctor to defile two teen girls in a private apartment.

With the criminal probe in progress, the police have disseminated an approximate image of the suspect: 40-45-year-old male, 180-cm tall with dark hair.

Investigators are sure that the suspect is a resident of Pinsk, as he had nothing in his hands and was wearing a light jacket at the time of the crime. While at the apartment, he even asked the girls for a sheet of paper in order to put down their personal details.

“The pace of the probe is very slow, as we are dealing with the children – 10 and 13-year-old. We have to wait for their psychological condition to stabilize so that they are ready to testify. As of now, we possess information that the criminal visited several apartments in that house, but introduced himself as a gynecologist only where there were no adults around.

We remain concerned over the crime not to be repeated again. We want all the residents of the town to be informed about the case and be vigilant,” Eduard Zylevic, the deputy chief of the Pinsk Police Department told the European Radio for Belarus.