Expert: Belarus authorities eye Western - not Russian - investors


The British investment bank NM Rothschild & Sons is willing to become a global consultant of the Belarusian goverment on investment transactions and has been in talks. According to the Russian news agency Prime-Tass, this is linked with large-scale investment plans in the country.
The British porposed to evaluate four major state-owned banks in which the government is set to sell its share. Belarus Partisan reports that BPS-Bank has already been assessed, and that could be described as Rothschild's pilot project in Belarus.

NM Rothschild & Sons alsi eyes its role as a consultant not only in the financial sector, hoping for a global cooperation. Under the deal with IMF, Belarus is expected to privatise 5 major industrial enterprises.

Economist Alexander Chubryk reckons that the Belarusian authorities are interested in attracting the capital from the West, not from Russia.

In the view of the economist, modern investments and technologies can arrive in Belarus from the West only. Therefore, the Belarusian authorities are objectively interested in cooperation with Western investors.