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Expelled BSU A-student is allowed to study for money


Pyotr Markelau was expelled from BSU after the Freedom Day in 2015. However, he has been allowed to resume his studies at the paid faculty. He was an A-student and was in his third year before the expulsion. Now he will have to pay for his studies and will lose two terms – he has been allowed to continue starting from the fourth term.

The young man will ask the university administration to let him return to the third year, he told Radio Liberty.

Officially, Markelau was expelled for truancy but his average grade was 8.6. He ran for deputy in Minsk City Council in 2014 and was an active observer during the presidential election campaign in 2015. He broadcast a live video from a polling station and tried registering the students association ‘Intermarium’ to restore relations and social connections between Mediterranean countries and to promote the political and economic integration in the region.


The young man wants to live and study in Belarus to make his country better.