European Maidan participants interrupt Cabinet’s work. PHOTO REPORT

They won’t let officials reach the buildings.

Berkut and internal troops are near the Cabinet.

Protesters returned to the building of the Cabinet on Monday morning. They keep blocking the driveways near the President’s Administration.

Policemen are guarding governmental buildings. There have been no clashes with demonstrators so far. Both sides behave properly.

It is not clear when the protests will end. The Verkhovna Rada did not manage to sack PM Azarov on December 3.

The police are using buses to bar the building of the cabinet – they are blocking all the roads.

Most demonstrators have been protesting in Kiev for a few days – they are wearing warm clothes to resist the cold weather and helmets – to defend themselves from Berkut’s batons.

Organizers of the protests are looking out for instigators to stop them as soon as possible.

There are no police patrols in the centre of Kiev – all policemen are guarding governmental buildings.

A press or an MP ID is required to pass the opposition and police guard posts.