Euromaidan does not agree on an armistice, confrontation escalates (video o


It is still possible to avoid bloodshed, leader of the parliamentary faction Batkivshchina Arseniy Yatsenyuk said. Leader of UDAR Vitali Klichko and head of the faction Svoboda Oleh Tyahnybok went to talk to protesters in Grushevski Street after the negotiations. The authorities have promised to release all the arrested protesters and stop arresting people if they could reach an agreement.

The opposition leaders asked to prolong the truce until morning to be able to continue the negotiations with the authorities. However, people divided into those who supported the truce and those shouting out “Revolution!”.

Protesters started burning tyre casings again in Grushevski Street, TSN reported. The fire wall was restored. 

The presidential side was waiting for opposition leaders “to condemn extremist actions” during the negotiations but it did not happen, Minister of Justice Olena Lukash said.


Vitali Klichko made a speech in Maidan Nezalezhnosti later. He described the issues he had discussed with Yanukovich. “The President’s resignation. He doesn’t want it. Resignation of the government – he doesn’t want it. Zaharchanka’s resignation. No…” Klichko told Maidan protesters.

"They are ready to release the detained and stop the pressure if the confrontation stops,” Vitali Klichko said. “This is the only thing he [Yanukovich] agreed to do.”

They were trying to threaten them during the negotiations by discussing their future punishment, the politician said. “A few cities now. There will be more tomorrow. We will be expanding Maidan… Until they start taking our opinion into consideration,” Klichko said. He sees the way out in a nation-wide strike and accumulating force.

Euromaidan did not agree on an armistice – a voting was conducted. As a result, it was decided to expand the territory of Maidan along Institutskaya Street to Volginskaya Street. New barricades will be built there.