Entrepreneurs protest in front of city hall in Barysau


Some 200 entrepreneurs have come to the building of the city hall in Barysau, demanding that the administration does not raise rental fees at the Herakambel market, according to Viktar Harbacou, the chairman of the organizing committee of the For Free Development of Entrepreneurship organization.
A delegation of entrepreneurs is meeting with Mayor Vasil Dzelyuk to discuss the situation.

On September 7, the entrepreneurs in Barysau filed a statement with a prosecutor's office, the Minsk regional executive committee and the State Control Committee, seeking assistance in in this matter.

The prosecutor's office responded on September 19 that the issue was not in its competence. The Minsk regional executive committee also rejected the entrepreneurs' complaint.

Officials say that Herakambel is privately owned and the market's administration has the right to raise rental fees because of the loss-making nature of the market place, reports Belapan.