Entrepreneur fined for protest action in Baranavichy


Charnavus was considered guilty of organization of a non-sanctioned action. The activist is going to appeal against the court's decision, BelaPAN reports.

On July 1, about 300 individual entrepreneurs who trade at the markets and shopping centers of Baranavichy, stopped working. They protested against Lukashenka's decree #222, which made their work significantly more complicated. The people gathered together at the central cooperative market in Baranavichy, and then headed for the city executive committee to discuss the problems that occurred after the decree's introduction with the officials. The entrepreneurs were told in the committee that nobody of the top officials were at work. Still, the protesters managed to get to the assembly hall. They held a meeting and adopted a resolution to the state leader's name upon the results. 

Charnavus was arrested on July 2. The entrepreneur activist, who is a person with the group II disability, felt bad in the police department. He applied for medical assistance many times but the policemen ignored his pleas. After making the charge they sent him to the detention center, where he felt his blood pressure going sharply up. The ambulance vehicle delivered Charnavus to hospital.

The trial against Charnavus took place on July 21. According to the activist, the director of the central cooperative market in Baranavichy witnessed that he hadn't been the organizer of the entrepreneurs' meeting. However, the judge decided on the opposite.

Photo by svaboda.org