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Election commission frightened by “Lukashenka must leave” motto

Valyantsin Trotski’s picket / Maryna Adamovich’s Facebook account

Potential MP candidate Valyantsin Trotski has been summoned to a meeting of the election commission in Staravilenskaya constituency #105, member of his initiative group Maryna Adamovich wrote on Facebook.

Trotski organized his picket in Freedom Square in Minsk on September 9, she said. The motto he used there has frightened the election commission.

The head of district election commission #105 ran up to him twice. He demanded to remove the motto “Lukashenka must leave” and threatened ‘to call specialists’ (‘specialists in plain clothes’ did arrive but were standing aside).

Valyantsin received a phone call and was invited to a meeting of the district election commission on September 10. Yet, there is no such a procedure. Furthermore, the registration of a candidate’s initiative group cannot be cancelled – there is no such a law,” Adamovich noted.

The meeting will start at 5 p.m. on September 11.

Valyantsin Trotski is planning to run for MP. He represents the party Narodnaya Hramada and the Belarusian National Congress and is collecting signatures at the moment.

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