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Musician charged with extremism over shared post

Ales Dzyanisau. Photo:

The police in the western Belarusian city of Hrodna have opened an case on extemism charges against Ales Dzyanisau. The Dzieciuki frontman has received a copy of the decision informing him about a violation of Article 17.11 (2) of the Administrative Code. The article deals with ‘the production and/or distribution of extremist materials in cases when there is no corpus delicti in such actions.’

Ales Dzynisau allegedly shared a link to a page belonging to anarchists on VKontatke, Haradzenskaya Viasna reports.

With the page currently blocked, it is now impossible to verify whether the share was made indeed.

Ales Dzyanisau has not been summoned to court.

Strangers who introduced themselves as policemen phoned the musician earlier. One of them interrogated the musician’s underage daughter and told her about a case started against her father. The girl was traumatized by the call.