Dynama Minsk fans stop team's bus


Dynama lost to Minsk FC in the after-match penalty kicks series with the score 1:4.

The football fans stopped the team's bus on the way from Zhodzina. Some fans tries to speak with the footballers, raising voices at them. Their main claim was that the footballers came up to the fans' sector in incomplete squad.

The club's spokesman Aleh Sabaleuski confirmed the fact that there was such conversation to Euroradio. However, he says, it ended quite peacefully.


Sabaleuski: "They didn't try to slug it out. They stopped the team's bus and just talked to the players and coaches. It was just a conversation. I think even if they did raise voices, there was nothing to be called an incident. Naturally, both the players and the fans counted on other results, so all were dissatisfied. They talked to the players, to the coaches and spoke up their minds."

Photo - dinamo-minsk.by