Driving schools make the course 6 months because of exam queue

However, the number of classes to go through has not changed, so schools have to organize one class in two weeks. ERB has found out that driving schools have encountered a sudden problem. According to new rules, every exam at the driving inspectorate takes more time than it used to. So people have to wait for 6 months for their turn. And schools do not know when to enroll new students.

“The tax inspectorate has changed the rules of taking exams; they spend 20 minutes with every student in the city now. The fact that the time has increased resulted in a long queue of people wishing to take their exam. They have to wait 5.5 or 6 months”, - the director of the driving school “Zhakei” Uladzimir Babruk complained to ERB that he could not plan his school’s schedule.

The new rules turned out to be very inconvenient for driving schools:

— I cannot plan anything. I do not know when my group will take exams – in 5 or in 6 months. I used to know when my students will be able to take exams. I would never have students who have not managed to get their driving licenses or teachers left without work. Now I do not know it. I get a new group in January and they will take exams in June. So what do I have to do in February or in March? Should I enroll students or not? It is very hard to plan it.

—You do not have anything to teach them for six month, right?

— I don’t.

It turns out that the time of studies at driving schools was increased just because of the exam queue. However, the number of classes to be taken has not changed. “If we give our lessons as usual they will forget everything during the six months of waiting in the queue”, - complains a driving school teacher. Uladzimir Babruk confirmed that the rumours about rare classes were true.

- I head that the time of studies had been increased – classes are given once in two weeks instead of twice a week.
- Yes, what can we do if the number of classes has not changed?