Dollar remains unchanged, euro drops, Russian rouble grows


As a result, the dollar's rate has remained the same - Br 8930, the euro's rate has gone down again, by Br 10, till Br 11910, the Russian rouble's rate has grown from Br 269 up to Br 270.

On Thursday, August 22, the dollar’s rate grew by Br 10 up to Br 8930 (this is a new record), the euro's rate dropped by Br 30, down to Br 11920. The Russian rouble's rate also decreased from Br 270,5 till Br 269. On Wednesay, August 21, the euro's rate grew by Br 60 making the new record of Br Br 11950 (this is the highest rate in 1,5 years), the dollar's rate remained unchanged - Br 8920.

More detailed information about the currency rates is available here.

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