DJ Laurel: "Belarusian music to be out on vinyl records"


Euroradio met the funk DJ and founder of Sound
Diving Group
as soon as we found out that he was going to celebrate the 12th
anniversary of his work. It is always nice to meet show-biz figures when they
are planning something really fantastic.


“We will produce hits on vinyl records"

Euroradio: Laurel, what is Sound Diving Group like 12 years after its creation?

DJ Laurel: Sound Diving Group – is sound
diving. The aim was drawing people's attention to the music I have been promoting
in my sets for 12 years: electronic music with a  touch of jazz and soul, electronic dance with
funk, jazz and soul.

Euroradio: You
started with playing such music and organizing parties. Have you thought of developing
this activity?

DJ Laurel: I have, I am going to create an independent label Sound Diving and publish
Belarusian and maybe foreign music on discs, vinyl records or in the digital

Euroradio: Is
it possible to publish music on vinyl records in Belarus?

DJ Laurel: It isn't. It can be done in Russia and in Europe. But it costs a lot
and we are only going to publish hits on vinyl records. Experimental works will
be out in the digital format.

Euroradio: Where
are you going to sell vinyl records?

DJ Laurel: In Minsk, Europe, England and America.

Euroradio: How
long will we have to wait?

DJ Laurel: About a year. We are planning to prepare everything by the spring of

Laurel has shared his plans
to go to the United States to do some "musical digging". Euroradio
asked Laurel to explain the interesting phenomenon to our listeners.

DJ Laurel: “Digging” – is a widespread phenomenon among DJs of the northern soul and
funk. DJs visit different countries to look for rare material.

Euroradio: You
said that you were going to visit the United States. Have you chosen any

DJ Laurel: New York, California, Chicago. I will be looking for boogie in
Chicago, for soul - in California and for disco and funk - in New York.

It is time
we asked about the party Laurel has been speaking about recently. It is dated
for the 12th anniversary of Sound Diving and will take place in Minsk Loft café on
November 30.

DJ Laurel: Let's start with the main guest Richard Dorfmeister
from the famous duet  Kruder & Dorfmeister. The duet  have done a lot for the intellectual electronic
stage by making cover versions of many famous musicians' songs, for example
Madonna and  Depeche Mode's.

Michael Reinboth, the second
guest, is also a
legendary person and the founder of the biggest European label Compost.

He has collected
70 thousand vinyl records - it is one of the biggest collections in the world.
He started working in the 80s. You can imagine how good his taste is - it is
something that I call "golden ears".

These two
super artists will visit Minsk on November 30.

The audio version of Euroradio's interview
with DJ Laurel contains the following tracks:  Kruder & Dorfmeister's remix of ‘Useless’ by
Depeche Mode, a soul song from a 7-inch record by Ray Frazier and the
composition  "that cannot be found
on the web" (or couldn't be found until now) -  ‘Speechless’ by Kruder & Dorfmeister.