Did disappeared Minsk inhabitant lose memory in Crimea?


Relatives of Arsenii Vouk think that it may be possible. His friends are going to use the TV-programme “Wait for me” and his parents have already promised 5 thousand USD for any information that would help them find their son. 23 days has passed since Arsenii went for a walk in the mountains and he has not returned so far. His girlfriend turned to the police on the following day but they did not treat complaint her seriously – they said the guy will return soon. The Crimean police stared searching for him only 6 days later. Arsen’s mother Ala Henadzeuna started having bad dreams several days before the tragedy.

Ala Vouk: Now I understand those were bad signs – and something bad has really happened. Now I’m sitting and praying. I also go to church.

Ala started having dreams about her son’s location after he had disappeared. The woman is sure that he is not in the mountains but in a valley overgrown with shrubs.

The agency “BelTA” informed that about 100 people were looking for the guy (Ministry of Emergency Control, police, foresters). Ala Vouk thinks that the number is exaggerated. The Crimean police stopped the search a week later. However, the father, the girlfriend and relatives of the guy came from Belarus and are still searching for him. Everyone believes that he is safe but the mother decided to ask an astrologer.

Ala Vouk: I have talked to an astrologer and he says that my son is still alive. But you know, everything is so vague and there is nothing to be sure of. He may be in Russia, who knows.

One of the main explanations suggested by the relatives is that the guy may have lost his memory. They distributed photos and advertisements to advance in their search but all was in vain. The father and a relative of Arsen returned from the Crimea yesterday and will continue watching the search from Minsk. One more hope is still remaining – the programme “Wait for me”.

The investigation department of Minsk City Executive Committee has already started a criminal case. The way the search will be organized will be announced in 2 or 3 days. Ala Vouk’s idea that members of the Emergency Control Ministry will go to the Crimea has been refuted by the police. However, Belarusian policemen may go there.

The parents have promised 5 thousand USD for any true information about the location of their son recently.

Photo by — **TR.iPod