Denomination in Belarus

Only new banknotes will be loaded to cash machines in Belarus at the end of July.

Black stains are appearing on new Belarusian 2-rouble coins.

Mistakes are still being made after the denomination that was conducted in Belarus on July 1.

First cases of post-denomination currency fraud appear online as Belarus gets used to new banknotes and coins.

One hryvnia costs 8 kopecks and one zloty – 50 kopecks after eth today’s denomination in Belarus.

The new banknotes (200 and 500 rubles) are enough, deputy head of the National Bank thinks.

Minister Uladzimir Zinouski has signed the corresponding order.

On July 1, 2016, they have the right to refuse some cash services or to suspend the provision of certain services.

Belarusian coins will be made of steel coated with copper, brass or nickel.