Skier Dalidovich thanks Euroradio and for support in crowdfunding

Siarhei Dalidovich

Belarusian skier Syarhei Dalidovich has collected the sum required for him to take part in the Olympics (BYN30 thousand) via the crowdfunding platform He has thanked Euroradio and for their support: “I would not have done it without your help. We can do more together! Thank you!!!” the athlete wrote on Facebook.

Dalidovich, 44, was left out of Belarus national team (he is considered to be ‘too old’), Euroradio reported earlier. However, the athlete who took part in six Olympic Games wanted to participate in his seventh Olympics. He started raising money because his pension was enough to pay for food and transport only. Siarhei Dalidovich needs this money to take part in several competitions abroad as part of preparations for the Olympics. He expected to have raised the money by October but people have donated the whole amount already in August.