Czech company keeps working with Belarusian Railways

Чэшская кампанія працягвае супрацоўніцтва з “Беларускай чыгункай”
AŽD Praha, supplier and manufacturer of telecom and information technology and automatics, continue to cooperate with Belarus.

The Czech company AŽD Praha continues to cooperate with Belarusian Railways. According to the Telegram channel of the Belarusian railway workers, currently, the foreign company employees are installing microprocessor-based interlocking of points and signals at three stations of the Homel railway junction.

AŽD Praha is a Czech supplier and manufacturer of telecommunication, information technology, and automatics designed primarily for rail and road transport.

"Belarusian Railways is not under European sanctions, so there are no legal violations in the actions of the Czech company. Here it is more a question of reputation: it was the stations of the Homel railway junction where most of the Russian military equipment used in the war with Ukraine arrived.

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