Court bans Homiel man from suing head of local administration

On July 30, Homiel Oblast Court dismissed the lawsuit of Alyaksandr Trankunou against Uladzimir Dvornik - the Head of the Homiel Oblast Executive Committee.

The man believes that the chief official of the oblast is inactive and would not hold responsible the director of Homellift where the man once worked. As proof of his position, he cites five decisions of the court, which recorded violations of the law that were allowed by the company director. According to Mr Trankunou, it is Uladzimir Dvornik, as head of the executive, who has to deal with violations and omissions of the executive power.

Conflict of Mr Trankunou with Homellift began in 2009. The man worked at the plant sa a foreman. He did not get along with the boss and was fired. Then the offended citizen went to courts and made got the decision that had been treated unlawfully. Homellift paid Mr Trankunou a compensation and reinstated him in his previous post. However, according to Alyaksandr, he was not allowed to work, and after some time he was fired because he did not want to switch to the contract system.

For more than five years, the man has been in a legal battle to prove his innocence. At the same time the ex-employee of Homiellift claims to be fighting so that other ordinary citizens are not faced with the same problems and they are treated fairly by the administration of all levels.

Mr Trankunou believes that various courts and other law enforcement agencies have repeatedly made conflicting decisions. After the district court refused to satisfy the demands of the Homiel resident, the Regional court acknowledged that the decision was illegal. And the police, in turn, according to Mr Trankunou, did not pay attention to the court decision, as if there was no decision at all. The history was constantly repeating itself.

"Resolutions of the police, of which there were about ten, were considered illegal. But the Interior Ministry did not notice the court decisions. Chairman of the Homiel Oblast Executive Committee would not deal with the problem, Mr Trankunou said angrily. There is red tape. The system works in order to work, but not for the result. Fines from the offenders do not end up in the budget. In the year of the presidential election, the authorities set certain tasks. But they are not met, as some authorities are idling. This undermines confidence in them."

Alyaksandr said that the last decision of the Oblast Court is a mockery of him:

"Previously, the oblast court already found the court's decesion not to hear the case against Mr Dvornik to be illegal. But the second time they supported the same resolution. It is like a game: they make the appearance of working, but there is no result."