Court adjourns in youth activist trial in Brest


The trial of Yurak Bakur, a participant of the meeting with the opposition politician Pavel Sevyarynets, will continue on Monday September 3 in Brest, the youth activist told the European Radio for Belarus. "Police witnesses gave contradicting testimonies. I demanded that new witnesses associated with the organization of the meeting were invited. However, they were unable to appear in court, so the hearing was adjourned for Monday," Bakura said.

On August 19, the Brest branch of the Belarusian Popular Front offered its venues for a presentation of the book Letters from the Woods by opposition politician Pavel Sevyarynets. Police broke into the building and arrested all who were present there. Pavel Sevyarynets was shortly tried and sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest allegedly for having violated the laws that regulate public events. The trials of other youth activists are under way.