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Who is that communist from Spain a regular on state TV?

Albert Santin /

On September 13, Albert Santin spoke as a foreign expert on the “Results of the Week” program on STV. He was introduced as the general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the committees of Catalonia. Who is it? And how did he end up in Belarus?

“Belarusians don’t appreciate what they have”

On the air of STV and on the pages of the BelTA news agency, Albert Santin confidently says that the protests in Belarus are sponsored by Soros, the Czech Republic and Poland. He compares life in Spain with that in Belarus and comes to the conclusion that Belarusians “do not appreciate what they have”:

"They have lived all their lives in an independent, strong country and do not know what it is like to wake up every morning, go out into the street in Barcelona and see 400-500 people sleeping on the street with nothing to eat. In Spain, more than 50% of young people neither work nor study. Forty percent of the population of Andalusia are unemployed or, for example, in cities such as Ceuta and Melilla, 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. When winter comes to Spain, many families cannot turn on their heating because they have no money. Is this what they want?"

Santin's quote that “Belarus is a country with more democracy than any other European country” was also posted by other state media.

Fan of Lukashenka, supports the death penalty

Albert Santin is 24 years old. He heads the Communist Party Committees of Catalonia. He also introduces himself as the president of the "Association for the Support of Belarus", which, apparently, also works in Catalonia. We could not find the organization's website, and its Facebook page has 715 followers.

The Communist Party Committees of Catalonia appeared in 2019. Its goal is “to fight for the interests of the working class of Catalonia, for a free and independent Catalan Socialist Republic”. The party has a small office in Barcelona. On the walls are portraits of Lenin, Stalin, a coat of arms very reminiscent of the Belarusian one. There is a photo of Alyaksandr Lukashenka in Albert's office.

Albert Santin at a meeting with members of the Communist Party of Belarus /

Santin has come to Belarus for the sixth time. In his social networks you can find photos of meetings with members of the Communist Party of Belarus, heads of law enforcement agencies. Santin also visited BelAZ several times, with a large portrait of Lukashenka he participated in rallies "in support of peace, security and tranquility".

Albert Santin at a rally in Minsk /
With representatives of law enforcement agencies /
Albert Santin has come to Belarus for the sixth time /

In his Twitter account, Santin supports the actions of the security forces during the protests in Belarus, and also advocates the death penalty. The Catalan is married to a Belarusian.


Albert Santin with the bride /