Children down with swine flu near Homiel

У Гомельскай вобласці на свіны грып захварэлі дзеці

Children have fallen ill with swine flu in Homiel region, reports. In total, there were recorded seven cases of H1N1 in the region on January 27. It is known that among the patients are the inhabitants of Homiel, Dobrush and Rahachou districts. 

The Homiel Regional Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health claims that there is no spreading of swine flu in the region.

"There have been no deaths from flu," quoted Chief Medical Officer of the Homiel region Aliaksandr Tarasenka. The epidemiologist Liliya Astapenka said that since the beginning of January in the area have been recorded about 30 thousand of visits to doctors in relation to ARI and influenza. "Against this backdrop, seven cases of H1N1 is a drop in the sea," she noted.