British intelligence knows organizer of terrorist act on Russian A321?

СМІ: брытанская разведка ведае імя арганізатара выбуху на борце самалёта А321

The British intelligence knows the name of the organizer of the terrorist act on board the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt killing 224 people, the British newspaper The Sunday Times reports. This is Abu Usama al Masri, leader of the Sinai terrorist grouping of the Islamic State. This grouping made the bomb that exploded when the airplane was in the air.

The UK is said to have offered help to Russia in catching Abu Usama al Masri ‘dead or alive’. The information has not been officially confirmed yet.

Terrorists from the Islamic State have assumed responsibility for the airplane crash twice without uncovering any details. Al Masri also said that he was connected with the elimination of the Russian passenger plane.  The terrorist act version has not been officially confirmed yet. The investigation continues.