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Activists fined over protests against car battery plant in Brest

Rights defender Uladzimir Vyalichkin /

Two local activists stood trial in Brest on February 18. Their participation is the so-called “pigeon feeding” in the central square was the reason for the trial. People opposing to the construction of an accumulator plant near Brest gather to feed birds in the central square on Sundays. The local authorities are refusing to give them permission to openly protest.

"They were speaking bad about the authorities thus attracting citizens’ attention,” policemen wrote in their report about Uladzimir Vyalichkin’s actions. He was summoned to the police on February 16 and was jailed until Monday, the human rights website Viasna reports.

Judge Dzmitry Shuryn has fined Vyalichkin for 382.5 roubles (15 base amounts).

Activist Vital Kazak has been accused of the organization of a mass event ‘involving a foreign citizen’. He has been fined for 1020 roubles (40 base amounts).