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Brest video blogger becomes parliamentary candidate (photo)


A Brest video blogger has been registered as a candidate in Brest-West constituency #1. Syarhei Pyatruhin uploaded the photo of his registration certificate to social networks on August 10.

Pyatruhin is known for his series of documentaries about local inhabitants’ problems in Brest. He created his video blog two years ago. He is pointing at officials and policemen’s power abuse in his reports.


He is participating in the parliamentary election to reach the same goals, Pyatruhin told Euroradio before the signature collection campaign. He wants to inform the authorities about problems that exist in the provinces. His YouTube channel is a good starting point for his pre-election campaign because he has followers there and their number is increasing, Pyatruhin said.

Pyatruhin: "My blog is meant to help the authorities and Alyaksandr Lukashenka notice the fact that local authorities are hiding the real state of affairs. I would be very glad if the President watched my blog because it reflects the real situation in the city. Everything can be proved and is based on facts. I am responsible for every video I upload.”

1253 inhabitants of Brest Lenin District gave signatures to Pyatryhin.

Пятрухін: "Я сваім блогам спрабую данесці да кіраўніцтва краіны і асабіста да Аляксандра Рыгоравіча Лукашэнкі, што ўлада на месцах хавае сапраўднае становішча справаў, а яму дакладваюць цалкам іншае. Я вельмі хачу, каб пра мой блог ведаў і ён, бо я паказваю сапраўднае становішча ў горадзе. У мяне ўсё даказана, усё грунтуецца на фактах. За кожнае сваё відэа я адказваю".

Свае подпісы за Пятрухіна аддалі 1253 жыхары Ленінскага раёна Брэста.