Berkut beating ex-Minister of Internal Affairs (video)


He tried settling a conflict between Automaidan participants and Berkut fighters. Protesters blocked Berkut’s buses near the Victory Avenue in Kiev. Somebody hit Yury Lutsenko on the head with a baton and injured him.

The video shown by the Civil Television displays a Berkut fighter hitting Lutsenko on the head. There was no video showing the moment of Lutsenko’s beating by Berkut, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence used to claim earlier, reports.

Yuri Lutsenko is 49. He was Minister of Internal Affairs in 2005-2006 and 2007-2010. He was returned guilty of negligence and misappropriation of state money and imprisoned in 2010-2013. Then he was pardoned. Lutsenko became one of the leaders of protest actions in Kiev in November 2013.

Photo: UNIAN