Belstat: Real wages down by 3.1%

Белстат: Рэальны заробак за год зменшыўся на 3,1%

The real wages in Belarus fall 2.8% in September 2015 against the previous month.

The National Statistics Committee says the real wages (adjusted to the growth of consumer prices for goods and services) in January-September 2015  decreased by 3.1% against the same period last year, and by 2.8% in September 2015 against August 2015 .

Nominal average monthly earnings of employees in January-September 2015 amounted to 6 mln 625.4 thousand rubles, including in September - 6.863 million rubles. It decreased compared to August 2015 by 1.5%, or 107.6 thousand rubles.

The maximum monthly average wage of employees in September was in Minsk - 9.287 million rubles, the minimum - in the Mahihliou region (5.906 million). In Brest region the average salary amounted to 5.944 million rubles, Homiel - 6.372 mln, Hrodna - 6.109 mln, Minsk - 6.874 mln, Vitsebsk - 5.907 million rubles.

IT workers had the biggest salary of 27.659 million rubles, the smallest  - social workers (4.0 million), BelaPAN reports.