Belaruskali suspends 2 pits, negotiations with China in September


Belaruskali hopes that the situation will stabilize by the end of September, deputy director-general Anatol Mahlai told Interfax-West. Some of the workers are working 2/3 of the usual work time now but nobody has been dismissed, he said.

There are about 300 thousand tons of fertilizers in the storehouses at the moment, the deputy director general noted. The enterprise produces about 800 thousand tons of fertilizers a month.

Almost 140 thousand tons have already been ordered for September, Mahlai said. However, he could not specify what countries the fertilizers would be supplied to and at what price.

The director-general of Belarsukali will leave for China for negotiations at the very beginning of September, he added. The administration of the Belarusian Potash Company will visit China too.