Belarusians to pay for cancer diagnostics


ERB has found out that diagnostics of cancer markers has been added on the list of paid medical services.
10 things have been added on the list of paid medicals services two weeks ago. Although mothers can pay for gynecological massage and individual preparation for giving birth, the necessity of paying for cancer  diagnostics is surprising. Only those who manage to identify cancer at early stages have a chance to stop the decease.

Baraulyany Institute of Oncology explained ERB that markers were a substance produced by cancerous growth. It is very important to conduct this diagnostics, especially for men older than 40 or 50. It is a risk group and the check-up is obligatory for them:

“This is the only way to identify prostate cancer. So the check-up should be obligatory even in district hospitals”.

Even if the amount of markers is normal, doctors recommend going though the check-up once a year and even more often if the amount is excessive:

“This is a norm that can be present in healthy tissues and there is a level exceeding the norm when cancer is registered. If the amount exceeds the norm an examination at the oncologist’s is needed.

If the marker is normal then you need check-ups once a year, if it exceeds the norm, it is necessary to be examined more often to see if it is growing or not”.

The Institute of Oncology does not provide paid services at the moment but they think that the diagnostics will cost about 5 or7 dollars:

“We do not offer paid services now – they have been introduced recently. Patients of our oncology institute can do it for free. There are no paid services at the moment but we will introduce them soon when economists count it all up”.

You can already have your blood sample analyzed to define the amount of markers in Minsk City Centre of Oncology. You have to bring your passport and 10 thousands.

Vistebsk Regional Centre of Oncology will conduct the check-up for free if you have a doctor’s assignment, otherwise you will have to pay 10 thousands. They added that it used to be free:

“It didn’t use to be like that. It has been introduced recently, so if someone wants to undergo the check-up we will do it”.