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Belarusians owe banks $5bn, borrow more


Belarusians increasingly take loans. By June, physical persons had borrowed more than BYN10 billion ($5 billion), the threshhold crossed for the first time. As of 1 July, the exact amount that Belarusians owe to banks was BYN 10 162 500 000, reports the National Bank of Belarus in its Statistical Bulletin.

One third of the loans were taken for consumption needs, the remaining two thirds - for real estate and construction.

In June alone, the debt of Belarusians on loans grew BYN171.6 million, and by BYN2.4 billion annually.

The defaulted payments on the loans amouned to nearly BYN49.3 million as of 1 July, the highest number since 1 January 2018.