Belarusian worker threatening with suicide in St. Petersburg descends


A Belarusian worker Alyaksandr Kasatski who was threatening to commit suicide because he had not got his wage has descended. He spent several hours on top of the unfinished trade centre in Moscow Avenue.

According to Kasatski, his co-workers (17 Belarusians) have not received any money for more than a month. Their employer owes them 130 thousand RUR (about 5 thousand USD). The Belarusians do not have enough money to return home.

The employer says he owes the workers only 102 thousand rubles (about 4 thousand USD). Kasatski claims that the workers have often worked overtime, so he demanded more money.

As a result, representatives of the contractor promised to pay out the debts to Belarusian workers soon. It turned out that none of the Belarusian workers signed an individual contract with the employer.