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Belarus State University forbids students to post negative comments

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Belarusian State University has banned students from giving public comments that could jeopardize the image of the educational institution. There have been made amendments in the “Internal Regulations for Students of the Belarusian State University”. The changes to the rules were approved on April 4, 2019.

Paragraph 5.20 of these rules notes that students, undergraduates, students and interns of the university are obliged "not to allow comments about the BSU and on behalf of the BSU to be posted in the information space (media, Internet, social media) that could threaten the image and business reputation of the BSU" .

In the ethical code of BSU, approved on February 4, 2019, teachers and employees are warned about personal responsibility for public statements about the university. It is noted that the duty of each member of the team is to maintain high standards of image and reputation of the BSU.

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