Belarusian singers do not need 75% of air time


Radio stations claim that Songs of Belarusian musicians can be heard in the prime time according to the order of the Ministry of Information. However, the Ministry is not satisfied. A monitoring of radio stations revealed that not all of them broadcast Belarusian music in the prime time. ERB has decided to find out what was the reason for the order the Ministry of Information has sent to FM-stations recently.

A musical editor of “Radio Minsk” Uladzimir Ivanou told ERB that the radio broadcasted thee 3-hour blocks containing 75% of Belarusian music a day starting from September 2008. It was not their idea, it was ordered by the Ministry.

Uladzіmіr Іvanou: “We broadcast three Belarusian 3-hour blocks a day. From 7 to 10 a.m. From 2 to 5 p.m. And from 7 to 10 p.m. They indicated this time”.

Such blocks exist at other radio stations too. This is the prime time mentioned in the Ministry’s order. Belarusian radio stations told us that they did not violate the schedule. The programme director of radio “Mir” Andrei Farmuhin named the most popular Belarusian singers.

Andrei Farmuhin: “Let it be Sharkunova, Hunesh and... who else.. Hlyastou, G:Mors, Stocks”.

There are no Belarusian rockers in the rotation of radio “Mir”. The most popular foreign music is that of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s.

A musical editor of “Radio BA” Dzmitry confessed that they had had problems with the 75% quota before. The station received a warning and never made such mistakes since then. They have not received any letter from the Ministry of Information.

Dzmitry: “We have not received such a letter yet. We were scolded but it was a technical mistake. We received that warning, liquidated the problem and we stick to the regulations. That is why there should not be any problems for us”.

The producer of Anya Sharkunova Uladzimir Kubushkin is satisfied with her rotation in the Belarusian radio. However, he thinks that it does not mean much. According to him, competition is the most important thing. Mr. Kubuchkin thinks that Anya can compete with Russian stars.

Uladzіmіr Kubushkіn: “To cut it short, we are satisfied. In general, I have always liked real competition. I would like to compete with Russian stars. We go to Moscow to perform there from time to time. I should say that Anya can compete with them. In fact, it does not mean much if somebody’s songs are often broadcasted in the radio”.

A singer Janette often hears her own voice in the Belarusian radio. However, she thinks that many other songs are terrible. She would like to listen to foreign musicians like Enrique Iglesias, Justin Timberlake and Dayda.

Janette: “I have heard my songs many times. I spend some time driving and I listen to the music broadcasted by our radio stations. I would like to advise that they should listen to the music they broadcast more often. Some songs are terrible… I was driving the other day. I did not listen to the song from the start but the refrain was “I’ll hit, hit, and hit him on the lips”. I could not bear it!”

Іryna Darafeeva who has never been mentioned among the favourites also thinks that the number of songs in the radio does not influence the number of concert-goers.

Іryna Darafeeva: “To tell you the truth, it is not important for me. It does not influence the number of people who attend my concerts. Thanks God, all our tickets are always sold out”.

Belarusian musicians do not need their songs to be broadcasted so often. So it is not clear who the Ministry of Information is trying to help by introducing the 75% quota.